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Snugus™ Pillow Inflatable

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Product Overview

The ultimate cuddle buddy, now portable! Cuddle with it, read with it, sleep with it: The possibilities are endless. Plump enough for support, and curved enough to perfectly cradle your body.

  • Inflate it to take it on the go or deflate it to easily store it away or carry
  • Alleviate pain by elevating and supporting your legs and body
  • Hypoallergenic materials ensure your skin stays happy

Great for:

  • Anyone looking for luxurious comfort day or night!
  • If you're on the go or are limited in space
  • Those recovering from surgery
  • Athletes looking to soothe aches and pains
  • Seniors or those looking to support hips, back, neck or more
  • Expectant mothers looking to find a comfortable position during pregnancy or nursing

WARNING: May make you extremely comfortable

Snugus™ Inflatable details:

  • Dimensions:  57" x 31.5" (145cm x 80cm)
  • Hypoallergenic